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  • How do I book a Care Pro?
    It's really as easy as 1, 2, 3. 1) You download the app and set up a quick profile. Choose the service you'd like (you can only book 1 type of Care Pro per transaction. If you would like more, or different types, please book them in separate transactions). 2) You choose the service you'd like and add to cart. Once added you'll be redirected to the checkout page where you will input the location of service (ie. Home Address), the clients info (if you are booking for yourself or a loved one), the time and date, in addition to any notes you'd/details you'd like the Care Pro to have. The billed amount will automatically adjust based on the schedule (ie. if your shift is 3 hrs, it will be 3 x the Bill Rate, which will automatically populate the total that will be billed). 3) You then select a Care Pro from the list of vetted and insured professionals. Once the Care Pro is selected you add your credit card info and book.
  • Can I book multiple shifts with the same Care Pro?
    Yes, absolutely, depeding on the Care Pro's availability. Our algorithms automatically match with the best Care Pro based on your schedule and need. We would urge you to book multiple shifts with the same Care Pro to ensure they are able to return again and again, without being booked by another family. What we urge is for you to try a Care Pro, and if you and your family has a good connection, then re-book them for multiple shifts at a time. Please note, these transactions will all be separate bookings, however, after you book one, you can log back in and book another for another time and date immedaitely.
  • Can I change my Care Pro?
    Yes, absolutely. If you select a Care Pro and there is not the connection you'd like you can schedule shifts with other Care Pro's in the listed option. Book a new shift with a new Care Pro, and if things work out well you can always re-book that Care Pro, as long as their schedule permits.
  • If I need to can I cancel my Care Pro before the shift occurs?
    Yes, you can cancel anytime prior to 24 hrs before the shift. If it's within the 24 hr timeline then the service will be billed, as the Care Pro must be paid for this shift as a Policy. Steps to cancel: 1) Log into your profile in the app and click the top left corner (three horizontal lines). 2) Select the Shifts Tab and click on the shift that you'd like to cancel to re-schedule. 3) At the bottom of the page you'll see "Cancel Task". Click on this and your shift will be cancelled. Feel free to re-schedule at a later date or time. It's really that easy!
  • What happens if my Care Pro doesn't show up or is late for a shift?
    Things can happen - we're all people. Care Pro's can get sick, can be stranded by transit issues, or even be burdened by the weather - especially in the winter. If your Care Pro does not show up, we urge you to try to contact them directly through the app, which is built into the shift details tab of your profile. If they are unresponsive please contact our Customer Experience Specialist immediately. You can try to re-book a new Care Pro in real time via the app - as many of them work on-demand and as needed. You will not be billed for the shift where the Care Pro missed. If a Care Pro is late, you will only pay for the time that they were at the home, however, if they are sent home early by the client, the client will be obligated to pay for the full shift. We are always here to help, so if there are ever any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Can I rate may Care Pro?
    Absolutely! Built right into the app is our rating and reviews. Although these arent displayed publicly for confidentiality reasons, we do monitor them daily. We urge you to say great things about your Care Pro if you have a great experience, and if there's an unfortunate situation where you're not happy, please rate and tell us why. We will immediately review with the Care Pro to ensure there are corrective measures put into place for quality control. If you prefer not to re-book that Care Pro, then just book a different one for the next shift.

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